We are a multicultural team, Western and Chinese professionals, that will work with you hand in hand to make your buying and exporting experience in China more effective and profitable.

Your reliable agent in China

After several years working for different trading companies in Yiwu (China), we discovered most of the clients felt their purchasing processes in China were tricky, laborious, and a bit opaque.

We decided to actively listen, investigate how could we improve client’s purchasing experiences in China, and we committed ourselves to create our own international trading company with a very simple goal: make our client’s life easier.

Since then, we work for European, US and Latin America clients. We help them produce and purchase all kind of commodities. And their business in China are now much easier, more effective, and more profitable.

Sinergia Trading Servicios - agente de compras en China


We, Jaime Horvilleur and Taylor Tang, orchestrate Sinergia Trading as a balanced duo.

We both share a wide experience in purchasing, buying and
exporting all kind of goods for our clients in Europe, USA and Latin America.

Taylor Tang

General Manager

Jaime Horvilleur


Majored in International Trade and with a few years of working experience in international trading field too, Taylor discovered that lots of Chinese trading companies failed to reach the expectation from western customers, in great need of getting one strong “bridge” between the two cultures to make their buying from China easier.

Apart from being a tireless and methodic worker, her deep knowledge of both mentalities make our clients to feel they are understood, and gets Chinese suppliers to execute their job as our clients exactly need it to be done.

Taylor Tang - Sinergia Trading
Jaime Horvilleur - Sinergia Trading
Jaime arrived in China in 2010, working for family business there. After managing to speak mandarin fluently , and realizing there were some needs that purchasing agents in Yiwu were not fulfilling for western buyers, he decided to launch his own international trading firm.
Excellence and loyalty are the basic foundations of Sinergia Trading.
That way of managing business is what has differed Sinergia from its competitors. Nowadays we work for numerous western companies that feel their purchases from China are now: much more easier, effective and profitable.


Your reliable purchasing Agent in China

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As seen on:

La Sexta

Spanish National TV, a3media group

Jalis de la Serna’s Team from “Enviado especial” comes to Yiwu so we can explain to them how do Spanish companies buy in China.



China Global Television Network in Spanish

We are invited to participate in a special report of the Chinese National TV in Spanish CGNT about Yiwu-Madrid train, and how it benefits Chinese Exports.

(watch Jaime Horvilleur at minute 2:10)

Beijing Television

Beijing Media Network

We participate in the BTV report (in Mandarin) to talk about Yiwu-Madrid train, and its benefits for Chinese exports.

(watch Jaime Horvilleur at minute 3:12)