Sinergia Trading: your reliable agent in China

we guarantee your purchases from China would be much more easy, more effective and more profitable

We minimize the risk of your purchasing transactions in China

When it comes to international trading, surprises are very expensive, That is why you need a reliable ally in China who will defend your business interests as you would do it yourself.

Sinergia Trading’s team has a wide experience in negotiating, purchasing and exporting all kind of goods for our clients in Europe, USA and Latin America

From sourcing to exporting, we offer you assistance for your business on all areas it might need during your supply process in China.


We help you to understand everything that happens during your trip and negotiations


We help you to find the perfect supplier to produce your goods


We help you to control your purchases during and after your trip to China


We help you to speed up and manage better your import-export procedures.


We help you to control, personally, your goods’ quality, shipping and delivery.


We help you manage the documents you will need to clear customs at destination

Reduce the risk of your purchasing operations from China

Finding the perfect supplier for your goods, avoiding misunderstandings during negotiation and purchase, knowing export procedures, and making an effective control of your commodities and their shipping, are the keys of a successful buying process in China.