We help Western companies to optimize their supplying process in China making it much easier, more effective and more profitable

Let’s be honest, when you are managing an international trade business, cultural obstacles can be exasperating

Linguistic and cultural differences can be a real nightmare when your goods are produced in China:

  • Not knowing how to identify reliable suppliers, before and during your trip, will make you waste a very valuable time.
  • Not speaking the same language, literal and metaphorically, with your suppliers and agents multiplies the chances for misunderstandings to happen.
  • Not being aware of Chinese business specific mindset gives you a disadvantage for negotiating, and conflict resolutions.
  • Not controlling production, quality or shipping of your goods, can have dramatic consequences for your business.

Discover how easy supplying can be in China when you find a reliable agent that protects your interest as if they were their own

Imagine that, when you came back from your purchase trip in China, you had someone there who could personally supervise, as carefully as you would do it yourself, from production to shipping, until your goods arrive to your warehouse.

Imagine you could count on professionals like you, settled in Yiwu, with wide experience assisting western companies to manage their international purchase.

Imagine that a multicultural team would work for you with full transparency, honesty and loyalty for your business interests.

Imagine you could work with a trading agent who knows and advises you about all traps you could fall in due to inexperience or lack of awareness of Chinese idiosyncrasy.

Imagine you could react to any unexpected event on a fast way and being sure that your agent will always, and only, take care for your business interests.

Sinergia Trading Quality Control

Buying in China is easy when you know for sure your purchasing agent understands you, and defends your interests unconditionally

We work for companies like yours that, after having suffered the common setbacks making their first purchase or production in China, due to linguistic or cultural misunderstandings, are willing to ease and optimize their buying process.

We look for long term relationships with our clients, so we do as much as we can in order to make your purchases from China more effective, easier and more profitable. That is why we work with maximum transparency, and we always protect your interests under any conflict that could appear with suppliers.

We want you to save time, money and surprises during your purchasing process in China. We want you to consider us an ally that will help you to take control and make your purchases form China safe, fluent and efficient.

We guarantee your purchases from China would be easier, more effective, and more profitable


From sourcing to exporting, we offer you assistance for your business on all areas it might need during your supply process in China. We work with you hand in hand to make your buying and exporting experience in China more effective and profitable.


Search and select the perfect manufacturer under your specific quality and price needs is the success key for your international purchases.

Profitability of your trip depends on how well you make the most of your days in China.

If you do not have reliable suppliers yet, we can help you find the perfect supplier to produce your specific goods. Also, we will organize your agenda so you can squeeze each day while you are in Yiwu, China.

Travel and Agenda

Apart form organizing your meetings once you arrive to China, we can also help you book your flying tickets, your hotel room, or manage your mobility from the airport, or during your stay in Yiwu.

Guiding and Translating

Understanding everything that happens during your conversations with a supplier is vital for your business. Being sure that the person accompanying you works unique and exclusively on your side, ensures the success of your purchases from China.

We offer guidance and translation services, both in English and Spanish, so you can make the most of your trip in Yiwu, China.


Buying process starts long before and after your visit to China.

Having an ally, during all the steps of your supplying process in China, that will protect your business interests during the order placement, the samples approval, the quality control or even the shipping arrangement, will guarantee that your goods arrive exactly as you expected.

Export Advise

Knowing the export process will save you loads of unexpected obstacles bringing your goods out of China.

We will advise you about all the specific requests your commodities demand, that way you will successfully export your goods from China, and import them into your country.

Quality Control

We guarantee quality control of the goods according to your requirements before shipping out from our warehouse in China.

Delivery and Shipping Control

Once the production and QC is done, we consolidate the goods in our warehouse or load containers directly from factories ,then ship  to you via air or sea, followed by all the other series of necessary exporting procedures.

Documents Management

Export processes in China can be tedious. Rely on profesionals’ help will help you to act more efficiently.

We minimize the risk of your purchasing transactions in China

Buying from China easier is possible

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We want you to buy in China in a more efficient way.
We want you to feel you are working with people who understand your business needs
We want you to be calm, because we will take care of your business as you would do it yourself.